come and take it

wethepeopleAs a Texan I feel like I need to weigh in on the recent open carry situation, despite my strict policy of not talking about politics on social media.  To be clear, I’m a Liberal but I am not anti gun.  I grew up around guns, gun shows, and gun safety.  My grandfather was in law enforcement and he was a gun dealer, as is my uncle.  I was shooting things before I reached puberty.  There is nothing that frightens or upsets me about the idea of guns.


Having said that, I think several things are going to happen as a result of the recent open carry decision in Texas.

  1.  Shit is gonna backfire, pun intended.  Gangsters and other criminals are going to see this as a buffet of free guns.  Many of you are going to die.  Sorry.
  2. I’m glad that white people feel 200% safer walking into Subway now that they have an assault rifle, but there are millions of brown people asking, “The fuck just happened?”  #ALLLIVESMATTER
  3. All you people posting selfies with your guns on day one of open carry are fucking amateurs.  You don’t deserve a gun, or a phone, or a mirror.  I know plenty of people, both criminal and not, who have been carrying all along.  Shut it down.
  4. If one more of you fucktards posts another pic of you, your AK-47, and your BABY at Walmart, I’m gonna blow a gasket.  Come over here and tell me about your 2nd Amendment.  Imma smack the shit outa you.
  5. About the 2nd Amendment,  YOU’RE WRONG.
  6. Remember when you were ten years old and got that brand new Members Only jacket?  Remember how you felt like the shit at school the next day?  Remember how, while you were feeling like the shit, the school bully pushed you down and wrenched that new jacket off you and spit in your face?  Yeah see #1, only with bullets and a lot of blood.
  7. I’ve made my point here.  Guns are not bad.  People are bad.  Some people are superbad.  That is all.

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