the many faces of me

I was paying bills, drinking coffee and taking care of some other pressing internet business and I decided to do a little ego-surfing.  If this term is new to you, it simply means Googling yourself to see what pops up.  Try it.

Anyway, here are my favorite results from an image search of myself.

The woman on the left, Robyn Mabry, looks freakishly like I did in the 80s.  She overcame breast cancer by putting her faith entirely in God. Good for her.  God made doctors, too.

breast cancer








This is Jodi Arias, not Robyn Mabry.  Her story has been on every crime show so I won’t go into it but basically she killed her boyfriend in cold blood.

first degree murder






This is a waffle taco.  Again, not Robyn Mabry.  I’ve never eaten a waffle taco and you shouldn’t either.

gross taco thing






This must be from that vacation I took in Transylvania.  Why?! Why did this come up under my name?!

creepy ghoul








This is from when I was on that show that time.










This was after that surgery I had to become a small black man.  It was a phase.  We all go through them.  Don’t judge.

gary coleman









Now go out there and Google yourself!



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