why i love shark week

When I was younger, at the age when most kids are obsessing over dinosaurs,  I was obsessing over sharks.  This was years before they were glorified on the Discovery Channel.  I was reading everything by Jacques Cousteau that I could get my hands on, and I desperately wanted to be a marine biologist even though I didn’t know what that meant, other than I got to be in the water and study sharks.  I even caught a young blacktip off the coast of Florida when I was 12 or 13.  I was so proud and awestruck that my dad spent a lot of money having it stuffed and mounted.  Now I realize that I should have let it go but I didn’t know better at the time.  I just knew I loved this creature and wanted to keep it.
You can imagine how excited I was when Shark Week first aired on cable.  Even though most of the programs were sensationalized to get people interested, the science and research was fascinating to me.  I mean, Great White sharks off the coast of Africa breach when they hunt seals?  How fucking awesome is that?!?
So here’s my PSA.  I started donating to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy so we can learn more about how the sharks around here migrate and hunt and do their thing.  I’m not suggesting you do the same, I merely implore you to do some research of your own.  Most importantly, sharks don’t eat people.  They don’t want to eat people.  We are displeasing to them.  They want delicious, fat, oily seals.  Moral:  Don’t look like a delicious, fat, oily seal and don’t swim near them.  Or if you do, be prepared to use them as a “human” shield.
Also, please consider supporting anti-finning programs, and the like.  I mean really, is shark fin soup that much better than chowdah?  Just sayin’.


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