best in show

I haven’t felt like writing lately so I took a little break.  Today I took the T from Central Square and I thought I would share this very typical experience.

I was walking from the train to the bus stop in Harvard Station.  I passed a woman on the ramp and realized she was barking and whimpering like a dog, but not in a way that suggested she was barking at me.  Instead of ignoring her I made the grave mistake of turning around and making eye contact, which is always a bad idea because in this case, the interaction triggered some sort of prey drive.  Her barking became louder and more intentional, definitely directed at me, and solicited glances from nearby passengers as if to suggest, “What did you do to that poor dog person to make her bark at you like that?”  I finally did the smart thing and diverted eye contact while slowly turning and walking away.  I was nervous about turning my back on her but I figured there were enough people around to intervene if she tried to bite me or follow me home.  Thankfully the barking settled down and the danger of me being attacked by a dog person in Harvard Station subsided, because ain’t nobody got time for that!


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