what i learned at school

I love working in a library.  Every day my co-workers and I latch onto something new to research and study, usually prompted by someone asking a random question like “How many eyes does a cow have?”  (you’re welcome, Heather), and today was Massachusetts-geography-and-local-government day.  Fascinating!  Here are some fun facts:

-One who lives in Massachusetts is called a “Bay Stater.”
-Municipalities are known as towns, cities, or a villages  Some cities call themselves towns even though they have a mayor-council form of government.
-A town has a town meeting form of government, of which there are two types, open and representative.
-There is a big difference between “a” town meeting (with an article) and Town Meeting (never an article)
-a village is part of a city or town with often ambiguous boundaries and no political power.  Basically, it’s Massachusetts’ feeble attempt at helping you figure out where you are.  Nice try.
-Boston has been known by several archaic names such as Shawmut, Tremont, Trimountaine, and Noodles Island.

 Stay tuned for our next mini-lesson.  Who knows what it will be!  Perhaps how trees communicate, or the evolutionary history of slugs, or maybe we’ll just talk about Paula Deen, ya’ll!


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