news from the pond

Yesterday I received the following text:

“In case you haven’t heard the latest update from the pond. Neighbors tried to release a pair of baby ducks into the pond yesterday. There was a great deal of confusion involving Renee’s “middle” sister and landscaping crew who don’t speak English. End result: baby ducks are now living in my shower.”

With this ridiculously adorable  video:

As always, updates from the pond leave me with layers of questions.  For example:

Where did the neighbors get these baby ducks?
How did they get into the yard and past the geese?
Who are these fearless landscapers that keep returning and do they have a blog?
Who is Renee’s “middle” sister and what could possibly have been confusing about that situation?

I have a duck.  I don’t want the duck.  You have a pond.  You clearly love duck-type things.  I will give you my duck.  I will then tell all of my friends that you are the neighborhood wildlife rescue liaison and your yard will be full of all the babies that were super cute in the Easter basket but are now pooping all over the house and keeping us awake all night with that infernal quacking, which doesn’t seem to bother you at all as you have so very many quacking things.

 All I can say is I hope the geese don’t mistreat them because they are CUTE.


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