invasives 101

This all started when a coworker sent me an article about giant poisonous snails in Texas.  He thought of me because I’m from Texas and he loves my stories about my friends and their geese, and somehow this translated into “Robyn will love this gross story about rat poop-eating killer snails.”  He’s so right!  My favorite part wasn’t about the snails though.  My favorite thing was the reference to the Texas Institute For the Study of Invasive Species which I did not know existed until today, and how awesome is that?  The graphic comes from the Invasives 101 section which outlines harmful* aquatic and terrestrial species that have invaded Texas, all with sharp weapons apparently. 
I have questions though. 
1. How are cardinals and yellow flowers harmful? Assuming they no longer carry swords, they pretty much just sit there and look pretty.
2. WTF is that fish thing in the top left?

*(“Note: Harm is a function of human values and differs among regions and may also change temporally.”)  I don’t even know what this means.


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