tea before bed

I’ve been drinking tea before bed which I think is responsible for my dreams the past couple of nights.  Last night we owned a two story four-plex and lived in one side of it.  Our TV however was on the first floor on the other side so we had to go over there if we wanted to watch a show.  The top floor above the TV room was the only unit not occupied by us, but the tenants changed on a daily basis and we never knew who was going to be up there.   This mattered because there was an enormous hole in the ceiling above our TV and the cable actually went up through this hole and was plugged in upstairs, but the cable wasn’t quite long enough so sometimes I would have pull down some slack if I wanted to move the TV at all.  If it was an older couple up there they were fine with it.  If it was the older single lady with her mean Collie she would yell and it would bark.  But if it was the gorilla, all hell would break loose.  As soon as I started pulling on the cable he would yell or growl or whatever gorillas do, and he would start shoving all of his electronic equipment and furniture into the hole on top of us.  Screaming at the gorilla to stop this would only make him look for more furniture to throw down.  Even though we owned the entire house we were somehow not landlords of all these tenants so we just had to put up with it.

Wednesday night, I dreamed that Rebecca was trying to buy some illegal herbs (not the smoking kind but actual herbs like basil or cilantro) out of the back of a van.  She had to call a number from a prepaid disposable phone and wait for a call back and further instructions.  The guy drove up with his vehicle full of fresh herbs and hundreds of different energy drinks, and his dashboard was covered with those Homies figurines that you used to get out of gumball machines at the HEB.  He was wearing dark glasses and carried an actual pager, not a cell phone.  I don’t remember what happened after he left, I guess Rebecca made whatever she was going to make with that sketchy cilantro. 


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