east vs. west

I started this post while I was stranded at work.  Why was I at work?  Because we don’t get “snow days” here at my new job.  Honeybeaver don’t care. 
That’s not to say that I can’t stay home if it looks really bad but this storm took us by surprise.  The forecast said 6-12 inches and we got around 17 at my house, 20-30 in some places.
The picture is the parking lot at my school looking toward the main road, after the maintenance crew plowed. I saw no plows on my way in, save the one that got stuck in Cleveland Circle.
So here’s the point of my post.  WTF, New England?!
I lived in Boulder, where it snowed more often and with more accumulation than it does here and I have questions.

1. Why can’t the greater Boston area do a better job with the plows?  Sure, they push snow around, but they push it into parking spaces which wouldn’t be that bad if there were other parking options like garages or public lots. 
The reason Boulder didn’t plow is they didn’t want people moving there.

2.  Why do people walk in the road?!  I can understand this if the storm was yesterday but for or five days later people are STILL walking in the street instead of the totally clear sidewalks! 
People do not walk in the road in Colorado.

3.  Why are the roads so fucking bad?!  Is there no road repair plan?  We pay this excise tax that supposedly goes toward fixing roads in your town but what are they doing with that money?! 
The roads in Colorado are like shiny ribbons of silk compared to this.  It’s like living on the surface of the moon.

4.  Don’t give me that “Big Dig” crap unless you can explain to me how the individual towns’ roads suffer because of money misspent on the Big Dig in Boston, where we don’t live.

That’s my rant.
Thanks for listening.


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