and then, reality…

We saw Carrie Rodriguez last night and of course she rocked it.  She’s a singer-songwriter-fiddle player from Austin, TX who happened to have the same strings teacher as Rebecca. 
Her sound is very Austin.  It’s hard to describe but Austin musicians have a distinctive style.  They don’t all sound alike but there’s something about them that makes you go, “Yep, they’re from Austin.”

Anyway, there was a moment during the show when she was playing her fiddle and I had one of those moments like deja vu and nostalgia at the same time.  I closed my eyes and it was like I was at ACL sitting on a blanket under the stars with a warm breeze and a cold beer, surrounded by the smell of sunscreen, patchouli, and of course, weed.  But then the stark reality kicked in.
That warm breeze you feel is actually a solar wind because you live on the surface of the sun.  Those stars are really mosquitoes. Your cold beer that you waited 30 minutes in line for was never cold and it cost $8.  That aroma of sunscreen and patchouli is really a failed substitute for soap, and whoever was smoking weed near you is now eating chili and lime flavored corn nuts. 
Was it worth it?


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