100 things

I recently read about the 100 Thing Challenge and it really resonated with me.  The idea of parring down my ‘stuff’ to 100 things is both attractive and daunting.  Yes, consumerism is out of control and I have everything I truly need, but I like my things so instead of taking action, I’ll just talk about it.
Here is my list of 100 things I would keep (in no particular order):

1. computer of some kind
2. phone
3. mouse
4. gloves
5. down coat
6. sneakers
7. rain boots
8. bike shoes
9. bike shorts
10. my tough cookies bike jersey
11. bike
12. car
13. guitar
14. coffee pot
15. crockpot
16. fork
17. knife
18. spoon
19. plate
20. bowl
21. glass
22. the wok
23. bed
24. chair
25. table
26. my gray pants
27. my plaid shorts
28. black t-shirt
29. my calavera socks
30. underwear
31. glasses
32. contacts
33. towel
34. nail clippers
35. toothbrush
36. tweezers
37. water bottle
38. toaster oven
39. microwave
40. martini shaker
41. bottle opener
42. the virgin
43. my favorite worn out hoodie sweater thing
44. box of photos
45. my painting of Mary
46. my BCP / hymnal
47. virginia’s painting of the farm
48. my passport
49. the shirt i got married in
50. my backpack
51. headphones
52. my ipod nano watchband thing
53. gym bag
54. swimsuit
55. beach towel
56. cooler
57. granny’s texas star quilt
58. pa-paw’s pocketknife
59. mom’s fiesta (i’m cheating and counting the collection as one thing)
60. daddy bill’s sheriff’s jacket
61. my mom’s recipes
62. my dad’s divided shaker tray
63. my gore-tex biking jacket
64. bike gloves
65. my fleece hat
66. rain jacket
67. wool socks
68. my nike rain pants
69. our calavera collection (again, cheating)
70. my mom’s mouse ornament
71. my texas flag
72. my pajama pants
73. slippers!
74. my white guayabera
75. a scarf
76. my red dutch oven
77. a baking sheet
78. a pyrex baking dish
79. the loteria platter
80. the corning ware bird dish
81. the big mixing bowl
82. a cutting board
83. a sharp knife
84. the blender
85. the silver
86. my cat (i just thought of it because she’s in a box on my desk)
87. an incense burner
88. my stuffed dinosaur
89. my lucky shoes
90. the painted mirror
91. coffee cup (travel mug)
92. the iphone speaker dock
93. the tool box
94. deck of cards
95. cribbage board
96. scrabble
97. i guess i can have a TV
98. which requires a sofa
99. and a pillow
100. and a nice leather chair for company

That was hard.  What’s on your list?


2 responses to “100 things”

  1. austinsinger says :

    Does the bottle opener have a cork screw on it? Better hope so. And, collections DO NOT COUNT. If they do, then I'm right back where I started. “My collection of 8.5×11 sheets of paper I have been collecting since 1980,” “my collection of bed sheets for beds I no longer own.” Come on. You can keep 1 piece of Fiesta. Which one?


  2. remaustin says :

    FINE. I pick the turquoise platter.


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