The reason for the season

First, let me say that I have a very strict policy against posting religious or political statements on the Internet because I just don’t want to deal with the negativity. (hint hint, don’t say anything negative.)
Now, here’s the question of the hour:

What’s the deal with the Virgin Birth?  I mean the real story.  There seems to be all this controversy ranging from, “Mary was a virgin dammit!” to “There’s no way that is even possible, you people are crazy.” or “The Hebrew word for virgin was miss-translated.”
While I might be a Christian, I also believe in science and reason so what to do with this age-old question?  (Those of you in the faith community are snickering, I can feel it.)


P.S. There is a Christian Mingle commercial on right now which reminds me to go check my spam folder because I get emails from them every day.
Here’s my response.
Me: 44 year old female
Seeking: 23 year old female
For: duh

That should shut them up.


One response to “The reason for the season”

  1. Clint says :

    Well, you'll not be surprised to hear from me on this topic, I suppose. As far as I'm concerned, Mary's virginity it not a real theological sticking point. Those who insist on it as a necessity often do so because of a thing called “original sin.” This means that all humans, as children of Adam and Eve (the “original sinners,” I suppose) are inherently sinful because they are born of that lineage. Honestly, I'm not sure how being born without the aid of a man (but still with the aid of a woman) gets you out of that cycle, but there it is.

    In Luke's gospel, Mary asks the angel, “How can this be, since I am a PARTHENON?” (Greek, not Hebrew.) That's a word you probably recognize as also being the name for the Temple of Athena, the Greek virgin goddess of wisdom. But the word does not always mean virgin – sometimes it just means “young woman” or even “daughter.” At least, that's true in Greek generally. It only appears this one time in Luke's Gospel, and only 4 other times in the New Testament (all in 1 & 2 Corinthians).

    I'm OK with miracles. Crazy stuff happens all of the time that I can't explain. But if someone could definitively prove that Mary had sex to have Jesus, it wouldn't change anything for me. I think the debate is also wrapped up in the Church's views about sex and sexuality – hence, perhaps, the Roman Catholic instance that Mary not only was a virgin, but somehow mystically remained so for her whole life (, despite the fact that Jesus has brothers and sisters.

    I don't know if that helps at all. Just my two drachma.


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