Santa or Chocolate?

By now you’ve seen the commercial where Santa and the M&Ms come face to face and Santa faints because he discovers that they are real.  Here is the conversation that ensued.

Me:  Would you be more scared if you came downstairs in the middle of the night and saw Santa or talking M&Ms?

Rebecca:  Santa

Me:  Really? Why?

Rebecca:  Because M&Ms aren’t going to rape me.  They are bringing me chocolate.

Me:  Santa isn’t going to rape you, he would never rape anyone!

Rebecca:  Yeah, but I could punt an M&M.

Me: You could punt ONE, but what if there were a whole group of like, green ones?  They travel in groups.

Rebecca:  Santa could punt the other ones.

Lesson:  Maybe we should all just stay in bed and stop trying to catch Santa in the act because you’re either going to surprise a serial rapist, or a gang of talking candy.  The police aren’t likely to believe either story.


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