Where’s Joe?

I have this nativity set that is very cute and very not me but somehow I like it, and put it out every year.  Last year we noticed that Joseph, Little Baby Jesus’ father seemed to be missing, even though there were no spaces left over in the box when we put it away.  How had we missed this before?  This year the question is, “Which one of these posers is Joseph?”  Let’s take a look.

Here we have Mary in the back, three wise men, and two guys wearing the same hat and same style of robe.  One of them must be the shepherd and one is Joseph.
The one in yellow is carrying a shepherd’s crook and has a big hat to protect him from the cold nights of shepherding.  The other guy is holding a stick in one hand and a sheep in the other so you would think that obviously, this is the real shepherd.  If you look closely though, you will notice that the sheep is desperately trying to escape, probably from the smell of frankincense and myrrh, whatever that is.  A sheep wouldn’t try to escape the protective arms of his shepherd, would he? So the other guy must be Joseph. I welcome input on this as I don’t know where to position him in the scene.
The real problem I have with this set is that there is only one brown guy and the rest of them look like if Norman Rockwell had gotten drunk and painted Smurfs.
I wish the creators of nativity sets would give it up already.  Everyone was brown!  They were in Bethlehem for Christ’s sake (no pun intended.  or maybe it was intended.) there were no white people there!  Jesus was not white, nor were his parents or the shepherds or the wise men. 
Why, in every single nativity set I have ever seen in my life, is there ever only one brown guy and he’s always the one holding the myrrh?  No one knows what that is! 
I’m just saying.

If you can figure out which one is Joseph that would be great, otherwise Mary is just hanging back there alone in the barn with those two sheep and that very suspicious cow.


3 responses to “Where’s Joe?”

  1. Clint says :

    Traditionally, the black magus is Balthazar. The other two are Melchior and Caspar. (The Bible doesn't name them, or even say there were three. Just names the three gifts.)


  2. remaustin says :

    Where did they get those names? I knew the black magus was Balthazar but I never knew where those guys came from.


  3. etg says :

    Do you remember the year that baby Jesus went missing from the nativity scene set up in the Chapel at SAS?! Your post made me think of that and laugh. Good luck figuring it out. Maybe you need to make nametags for them 🙂


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