Let the decorating begin

This is our new tree.  It’s a 6′ balsam which we bought Sunday and now it’s in our living room making the house smell good.

You may be wondering how we got it home in our tiny car with no roof rack.  Well, New England has Christmas tree acquisition down to a science, because everyone buys a real tree.  Why don’t people in Texas buy real trees?  My theory is that a real tree would likely burst into flames on that balmy Christmas morning, destroying that miniature horse and chuck wagon you bought.  Anyway, to get a tree you first decide whether or not to buy one from the Boy Scouts because they have a good chunk of the market on trees.  We chose to buy one from a local market which works like this.  You pick out your tree which has a tag on it with the price and some other identification number.  A nice man comes and takes the tree to a table where he puts it, trunk first, into what looks like a Christmas tree cone of shame with a net at one end.  When they pull it out the other end, it’s all wrapped up and ready to go!

The nice men carried the tree to the tiny car (with no roof rack)and tied it over the top, then to the front and rear handles.  You know, those things you hang clothes from or hold on to in terror from the daily death match of driving in Boston.

We made it home, unwrapped the tree, and now it’s standing, happily decorated, in our living room.  That’s a chicken on top.


2 responses to “Let the decorating begin”

  1. Lisa says :

    I'm not sure what the best part is. It's a toss up between the Christmas Tree Cone of Shame and the Chicken. I'm leaning towards the Chicken.

    Oh, by the way, I miss y'all.


  2. TheRadTexan says :

    Chicken! Best tree topper ever.


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