Send in the Clowns

Nothing interesting has happened lately but I felt like I needed to post something so I don’t get out of the habit, so here it is.  WTF?!
I don’t even know where to begin, or if I even have words for this.
Where did American advertising go so horribly wrong?  I don’t know how this particular marketing decision happened but I wish I had been in that meeting.
Let’s throw some ideas around.

Exec #1: Hey guys, I just got the Heinz account!
Exec #2: Sweet! What’s the story?
Exec #1: Well, it’s their new hot dog relish. So I thought we could have this really happy, tweaked out clown holding a three foot long hot dog in one two-fingered balloon hand and a jar of relish in the other.  Because nothing says, “All-American” like a clown that might eat you after he’s finished with that dog.
Exec #2: Wow, okay.  Why don’t you wait here while I run this by the old man.

I guess the old man liked it because they repeated it over and over…and over.

these pickles taste like the salty tears of children.

i have tiny fangs.
i’m a pedophile.

those balloon hands look familiar.

i sliced off my own fingerprints.

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