Why can’t you just close it?

This is for anyone who has ever been married or in a long term relationship of any kind.

Have you ever had a moment where you realize that your partner/roommate/whatever has been doing “this thing” for years and you just now noticed it?  And you wonder how it is that you never saw it before?
I had such an epiphany on Friday when we were getting ready for our annual Dia de los Muertos party and I went into the bathroom to find two of the drawers open.  I didn’t really think anything of it so I closed them and went on my way.  Then later I went in and they were open again.  Then I went into the kitchen and three drawers were open.  It hit me at that moment.  This happens all the time.  So I said something like how cute it is that she doesn’t close any of the drawers (way cuter than leaving a pair of shoes every three feet all over the house) and she said, “Yeah my mom used to get really pissed at me for that when I was little.”
Wait, you’ve been doing this since you were little?  Why?  Why don’t you close any of the drawers?  She said something about not wanting to slam them but really?  Just don’t slam them.
So all weekend I took pictures of open drawers in the bathroom and kitchen and I’m planning a scrapbook page.


One response to “Why can’t you just close it?”

  1. TwystiidTrixxi says :

    Uhmmm…I confess. I do the shoes every three feet thing too. Sorry. On the upside tho, I do close the drawers!!! All part of the things that make you love her more <3 <3 <3


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