In Memorium

Well, I feared the worst and my fears were realized this morning.  Long Bottom was killed last night in what can only be called a brutal homicide.
The dogs that normally slept on the deck were inside when a group of wild dogs or coyote snuck onto the property and murdered him while he slept.
Why did this unspeakable thing happen?  It’s impossible to understand but this is one of the worst cases of bird bullying I have ever seen.  First, the rest of the flock singled him out and made him feel like an outcast.  They tossed him out of the group and made him walk alone like a pariah. Then they tried to drown him in a bizarre act of water boarding, holding his head under water until one of his human protectors came out and rescued him.  Now, mysteriously, he is found dead.  I’m sorry but this feels like a hired hit to me.  All Long Bottom wanted was to be part of the group and have a normal life.  He will never get that chance thanks to a few haters that can’t put aside their own prejudice.  Let this be a lesson for all of us.  If you see something, say something!
Tonight I raise my glass to Long Bottom and all the other birds out there that feel threatened by hate.  Cheers, and don’t be afraid to speak out!


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