The Ballad of Long Bottom

And today I received this email:

Long Bottom update: last night he waddled in with the other geese into their pen. We thought, maybe they are all friends again and can sleep happily together! Just to be safe we checked back in half an hour…only to find Long Bottom’s head being held under water by another goose. So, the search continues for a companion for Long Bottom – candidates include chickens, goats, a miniature horse and ducks. I know, a goose seems reasonable, but evidently the internet is out of geese until 2013. 

Really?!  First of all, how can the Internet be out of geese? Who is buying all these birds?  Maybe it’s a trafficking ring that I haven’t heard of yet but will be featured on Nancy Grace soon.
As for possible companions, I’m against chickens and/or goats.  We’ve been there before and remember what I said last time about wild dogs?  I don’t think the Internet will sell any more chickens and goats to Long Bottom’s parents.
I’ve been trying to get them to buy some miniature livestock for a while.  They have room and who doesn’t want a tiny horse?  Personally, I think mini cows are they way to go but horses are cute too.  They could even protect Long Bottom by kicking or something.
Or not.

The answer might even be to buy a whole herd of mini horses.  They could surround Long Bottom, or he could ride around in a tiny chuck wagon. 
 I could see my friends doing this.  Tomorrow.
In any case, I have a feeling this isn’t over so stay tuned…

(did you notice how i said nothing about a flock of geese “holding” another goose’s head under water?  i don’t think i need to.)


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