Meanwhile, back at the farm…

Today I received this text from my friend in Texas. I didn’t include the picture so let me clarify.  Terry is a man and Bearcat is their dog.  They have nine geese that I’ve written about before. Remember?  One of them got a cup stuck on it’s head.  Maybe it was this one.

Here is Long Bottom being ostracized by the rest of the gaggle.  Can you see that they all have their backs turned on the poor thing?  Does he just walk along beside the rest of them?

I’m dying to know what happens next but I can make some predictions based on past experience.
1.  Wild dogs could come in the middle of the night and solve the whole problem.

2.  A snapping turtle could come out of the pond and befriend Long Bottom because, after all, snapping turtles are despised too and they will have something in common.

3.  Long Bottom might get caught in the crossfire from some sort of police raid across the street that is likely to occur in the next few weeks.  It’s about time.

4. There was a raccoon that was injured by a .22 while trying to steal the chickens last year.  He’s probably completely recovered and really pissed.

5. Long Bottom could wander into the road and get run over by the woman in the wheelchair that rolls by every day.

In any case, stay tuned and send Long Bottom some good vibes. 


2 responses to “Meanwhile, back at the farm…”

  1. etg says :

    okay…it's no secret that I'm so friend of geese (and vice-versa) but I feel sorry for long bottom!!!


  2. Renee says :

    Long Bottom update: last night he waddled in with the other geese into their pen. We thought, maybe they are all friends again and can sleep happily together! Just to be safe we checked back in half an hour…only to find Long Bottom's head being held under water by another goose. So, the search continues for a companion for Long Bottom – candidates include chickens, goats, a miniature horse and ducks. I know, a goose seems reasonable, but evidently the internet is out of geese until 2013.


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