Fish Out of Water

I live in New England but I am not a New Englander.  I am a Southerner living in the Northeast. 
I was reminded of this yesterday as we were leaving the grocery store (Johnny’s Foodmaster, not kidding) and a sign warned us “Do not remove carriages from building.”  I didn’t see any carriages, just cars, and how did a carriage get inside the building in the first place?!
Oh wait, I get it.  “Carriage” is Northeastern for grocery cart but you can see how I was confused, right?
I mean, a carriage is pulled by horses and drives the princess to the ball.  It’s not something you push around and fill with food.  That’s a cart.  I suppose a horse could also pull a cart but you wouldn’t take a cart to the queen’s palace.  That would be embarrassing.
Oh, and that water fountain up there is in fact called a bubbler.  Is it full of sparkling water?  No, just regular water and there are no bubbles.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it.  No.
There are other things they have special names for like a sub sandwich is a grinder, a milkshake is a cabinet but only in Rhode Island I think.  
Try this, Austin people.  Go into P-Terry’s and order a chocolate cabinet.


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