Cone of Shame

I was going to write about the Boo Boo family but that will have to wait because today I received this photo from my friend in Texas.  They have plenty of room on their awesome property for nine American geese so naturally, they have nine American geese.
This particular goose has a plastic cup around its neck like those cones your pet gets at the vet so it doesn’t chew its leg off or whatever.
I have so many questions.  Here are a few.

1. Was it an accident?  Was the bird pecking around on the ground for food and all of a sudden, HEY MY HEAD FELL INTO THIS CUP!

2.  Was it curiosity?  Did the bird see that the cup was open at both ends  and wonder what was in there like at a bird carnival?  Pay .50 and see what’s on the other side of this mystery tube!  RIP OFF!  Nothing in there but humiliation.

3. What will it take to get the cup off?  Will the other birds help when they finally stop laughing, or will my friend have to send her two year old out there to “rescue the birdie?”  If the latter, I need for it to be on You Tube.

4.  Was it a dare or a prank from the other birds?  “Let’s see if we can get Marvin to stick his head in that cup.”

Whatever happened, I’m dying to know the outcome. 


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