How to Love the Fair

This is for my friend who wants to love the fair but needs a little encouragement.

1.  Start small.  If you already don’t love the fair, have never been to a fair, or just want to see what the big deal is, go to a smaller county fair.  Don’t start off at a big state fair.  It’s so over the top overwhelming that even die-hard fair lovers can be intimidated. 

2.  Go with people you like and who love the fair.  This seems pretty obvious but I had to say it. 

3.  Make it a point to see all the crafts, animals, canned jellies, etc.  After all, it’s a fair.  People, especially kids, work really hard at making whatever they made and raising whatever animal they raised.  We have a great picture of a little girl holding a chicken that she raised and they both have the biggest smiles!  She was so proud of that chicken and beamed when we congratulated her on her ribbon.  It’s things like that that make fairs great.

4.  Save the midway for last.  It’s not my favorite part but it’s totally worth walking around.  If you’ve never ever played any of those games you should try it once, knowing you will likely lose.  And by “lose” I mean you will win something but it won’t be that 50lb. stuffed unicorn or an iPod.
As for the rides, it’ totally up to you.  People look like they are having fun.

5.  Besides the midway, the thing that people get the most worked up about is the food.  If you know anything about fair history you know it’s where new foods were introduced to the masses.  Ice cream cones, waffles, hot dogs, hamburgers, iced tea, root beer, and a thousand other favorites were first enjoyed at state fairs.  In more recent years, the big thing is to see what you can deep fry.  The answer is anything and everything.  While I find this disgusting and part of the overall problem, I have to admit I’ve eaten fried Oreos and my share of funnel cakes.  So be daring, pick something new and potentially deadly and try it!

6.  Take pictures.  No one would have appreciated the cross dressing fortune teller mannequin or the Hollywood pig scramble without proper photos.

7.  If you are more adventurous than me, feel free to pay $1.00 to see the world’s smallest horse or .25 to see the “bizarre” thing behind the curtain.  They won’t allow photographs but I’m dying to know what’s in there, so if you go inside the creepy tent I want to hear all about it. 

8.  I personally like to leave before dark because that’s when all the teenagers come out and I don’t think there’s a drinking age limit at the fair.

9.  If you decide to check out the Texas state fair, it’s amazing.  But do not go on TX/OU weekend.  If you don’t know what that means, check the calendar.  It’s a football game on a scale that you can’t imagine and should probably avoid unless you are a rabid Longhorn or sooner.

10.  Go with me!  That’s the best way to have fun at the fair.


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