I’ll have a corndog and some fried Oreos please.

I love the fair and so far I’ve been to two this year.  The one in Rochester, NH was small but easier to walk around than the Big E out in Springfield.  That one covers all of New England and I’m pretty sure all of New England was there this weekend.  It was HUGE.  Not as big as the state fair in Texas but just as crowded and it had all of the required fried things on a stick.  The midway might have been the biggest I’ve ever seen with plenty of games that I don’t play and rides that I won’t ride.  I love rides but not the temporary ones.  I’m positive that if I get on one  it will be in the paper the next day about how this girl was launched into space by the giant swing ride.
Anyway, I took lots of photos at the Rochester fair because my camera died two pictures in at the Big E.  Here they are.


One response to “I’ll have a corndog and some fried Oreos please.”

  1. etg says :

    Funnel cake!!!!


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