Gag me with a spoon

I would just like to share with my friends at SAS that lunchtime has not changed for me.
Today in the cafeteria I was sitting with other faculty and staff, not eating a sweet potato taco, and talking about what everyone did for Rosh Hashanah when one woman said, “I didn’t do anything because I had eye surgery.” 
And then the woman next to me said, “I remember when I had to have gum surgery…”  REALLY?
For those who don’t know, I hate hearing about gross things when I’m eating.  This includes:
1. any type of surgery, human or animal
2. bodily functions and/or fluids
3. babies (see #2)
4. swarms of insects
5. your sick pet or child
6. vomit
7. fingernails or toenails
8. any type of injury pertaining to #7
9. flesh eating viruses
10. blisters, warts, zits, or boils

 At my former job, every day at lunch someone near me would start a story about one or more of the above mentioned situations, purely by accident, and I would get mad and my friends would laugh.  It became comical after year 5 or 6 and now it’s just part my quirkiness.
So you can imagine how far back into my head my eyes rolled today when they started in on the surgeries, and I don’t know them well enough to throw a tantrum yet.
But soon….


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