You’re doing it wrong!

It’s advisory birthday! 

1. I walk into the library this morning to see the other Texan on the faculty showing our librarian how to hang a pinata, because our librarian has never had one.  Fair enough, she’s from New Hampshire. 

2. There is now a pinata hanging in the library.

3. The librarian’s advisory shows up and she informs them that they will be hitting said pinata in celebration of a child’s 18th birthday.  But they won’t be blindfolded and they will be using a yardstick instead of a bat.  I’m sitting far away, feeling a little anxious, like when people decide to light their own fireworks in the backyard.

4. First swing, pinata string (not rope) breaks.  Hang pinata back up.  Second swing, pinata string breaks.  Hang pinata back up with gimp this time.  Third swing, pinata is obliterated.

5.  I turn to my colleague and say, “This is more fun when there are little kids and they are blindfolded and there is a real bat and everyone is drunk.”


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