Adventures in LaLa Land

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with Sunday night insomnia.  Maybe it’s the anticipation of a new work week, maybe it’s a last desperate attempt at prolonging the weekend, I don’t know.  In any case I found a doctor who not only diagnosed my ADHD, but she also said I could try Ambien if I had trouble sleeping.  She gave me some advice like, “Don’t drink too much.  A glass of wine at dinner is okay but no more.”  and, “Ambien is a sudden onset medication so make sure you’re ready to go to sleep when you take it.”  And so it began.
Everything was fine at first.  I mean, there was a learning curve but no real problems.  The doctor wasn’t kidding about that sudden onset thing though.  I would be sitting up watching TV and then it was morning, still sitting up. 
And then, everything changed.  The rest of it was all relayed to me by Rebecca because I don’t remember anything.  Nothing.  My doctor did not tell me about the amnesia.   For example, one night I woke Rebecca up in the middle of the night and asked her to get me the duct tape, which I proceeded to wrap around my feet.  I woke up in socks and duct tape.  I do not remember this nor can I explain it.  Then there was the night I sat up and looked out the window at the hillside across the street and said to Rebecca, “They’re coming.  They don’t mean any harm, they just want to talk to us.”  I can’t explain this one either but I wasn’t allowed to take Ambien anymore after that.


One response to “Adventures in LaLa Land”

  1. TheRadTexan says :

    This is by far my absolute favorite post of anything, of all time. I have tears streaming down my face and I was in silent laugh mode for about 4 mintes.


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