New Year’s Party

Have I ever told the story about our New Year’s party?
It was a first on many levels.  Our first New Year together, our first dinner party, my first time meeting Rebecca’s friends, my first (and last) attempt at rice pudding, and so forth.  I made vegetable curry which is always a production and, like any good chef, I drink wine while I cook.  And because it takes a long time to make curry, I drank a lot of wine.  A lot.
Her friends came, we ate, we drank more, we laughed and told stories and, at one point I needed my toenails painted so I chose purple and made Rebecca do my nails while we rang in the new year.  Without waiting for them to dry, I went to bed.  I was fully dressed on top of the covers when Rebecca finally came to bed and, at some point in the middle of the night I got cold so I got up and turned up the heat.
The next morning Rebecca woke up and said, “I didn’t know your thermostat had a setting for HELL.” 
I got up, went into the living room to turn it down, and saw that her friend Melinda was sleeping on the couch….completely naked.
And so began our life of throwing “that kind of party.”


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