"So, What Exactly Do You Do?"

Every time someone asks me what I do, I have to think about it.  I do lots of things but when you’re in a social situation, talking to new people, they don’t want to hear about your daily responsibilities.  They just want to hear a job title so they can determine on their own what you do all day.
So here’s the activity.  I will write a list of things I do, and if you can come up with a compelling job title, I will present it to my boss.  (I already have a title, I just think this sounds like a fun game)

1. Training.  I’m in charge of training materials for all new faculty and staff.  this includes written instructions, videos, the training website, and helping with the actual training class.

2.  Help Desk.  I have shifts at the desk where people come with questions.  Our curricula is project based so there are lots of questions about how to make videos and presentations.  I also help them with their computers if they can’t get online, etc.  The desk is in the library so I sometimes help kids with books and research projects too.

3.  Tech Support.  I have shifts where I’m on-call to run to classrooms or staff offices when they have technical difficulties, and I setup any sort of A/V they might need for meetings or presentations during this shift.

4.  Sites.  I manage the training site, the department heads site, and the faculty and staff information site.

5.  Supplies.  I’m responsible for ordering printer toner and supplies for the tech team.

6.  iPads.  I configure new iPads for faculty and staff as needed.

7.  FA laptops.  I configure new financial aid laptops as needed.

8.  New Student Config.  During the summer, I help configure new students’ laptops for use at our school.  They make an appointment to come in and we do things like install printers, applications, and updates.

9.  Special Projects.  This is whatever our boss needs done that I haven’t listed above.  Everyone gets these, not just me.  This can also include things we want to do like build robots, or fly remote control helicopters in the library, or play X-Box with the kids.

10.  Hang Out With Kids.  They are super funny and good at Draw Something.


One response to “"So, What Exactly Do You Do?"”

  1. etg says :

    Seeing #10 on there lets me know exactly what you do as I can see you doing it at SAS for so many years…it's one of your gifts so I'm so glad that it's still part of your job description!


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