I don’t mean to make light of it really.  As far as hurricanes go Irene was weak, but a lot of people lost homes, businesses, and in a few cases lives.  We were very fortunate that we only lost foliage.  Some of our neighbors are still without power and one very old, very large tree blew over at my school. I wonder what returning alums will think when they drive onto campus and their veranda tree is gone.
I have to say though, I’ve never really seen wind like that.  I’ve ridden in 20mph head winds but 30 – 40mph sustained wind with 50+ gusts is crazy.  
Try telling that to the spider on our back porch.  She has been there with her web for a couple of weeks, catching flies and whatnot.  Yesterday I stood at the back door and watched while leaves and sticks blew into her web until finally she decided that enough was enough and she tore the whole thing down.  As of today she has rebuilt her web, bigger and better than ever and I’m pretty sure, if you look closely, you can see the words “bring it” spelled out in spider silk.

One response to “OMG A HURRICANE!”

  1. Katy says :

    You are awesome


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