sorry about the rain y’all

exciting stuff here in the northeast!

while i don’t believe anything bad will happen here, we are still making plans and hoarding water.
we also filled the car with gas and stocked up on gin, while keeping an eye on the news for the latest updates on irene.
here’s something i noticed today.  

we went to the grocery store after work to fill our normal order for the week.  now, if we had been in texas we would have seen chaos that fell just short of looting.  every time there was a threat of bad weather you could be certain that a trip to HEB would be a bloodbath of people fighting over water and batteries, and shopping carts overflowing with frozen food and beer.
not so much here in bean town.  the water aisle was pretty empty but everything else was totally normal.  no one was fighting, the lines were short, and people here seem to get the fact that if we have a bad storm and the power goes out, that shopping cart full of frozen healthy choice dinners are not going to help you.

i do have to say that i’m sorry we are getting so much rain while texas is suffering.  we heard a heartbreaking story on NPR this morning about the horrible drought situation.  people are loosing entire herds of cattle, wildfires, and no end in sight.  they say this drought will change the texas economy forever.  it makes me so sad.
well, i’m signing off now.  time to go make coffee and board up the windows.



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