back in the groove

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Things are starting to settle down a bit.
I’m having a great time at work, the weather is perfect (sorry), and I’m married!
We got married on the beach in P-Town on Friday.  It was very low key and very beautiful.  Our celebrant had ordered a pedicab to take us to dinner which arrived at 8:30.  When we walked around the corner we saw that it wasn’t just a pedicab, it was more like a chariot covered in streamers and balloons, with tin cans tied to the back with bicycle chains, and driven by a guy on said bicycle.  I was mortified.  For those of you who don’t know, P-Town is insane during high season.  It’s the Las Vegas of the East coast, complete with drag queens and too many little kids out past their bedtimes.  Oh, but I forgot to mention that it was also Family Week so there were more children than usual.
Anyway, we got in the pedicab and he drove us all the way down Commercial Street, which is the main road where all the food and shopping happens.  It was awesome.  As we rode by everyone, including the drag queens, lined up (they were already lined up because it was crowded) and clapped and cheered for us!  It was a huge rush. 
The driver dropped us off at the restaurant where we had a lovely dinner then back to the B&B to crash.  We were exhausted!
After a great day on the beach (Saturday), we went to dinner and then to our favorite wine bar and hung out with the locals.  When we left at about 10:30 or so, Rebecca decided she was hungry so we stopped at a walk-up burger place called Burger Queen. It’s one of those places where you walk up to the window to order your food, then go around the corner and wait at the picnic tables until your food is delivered through a second window on the side.  I wish I had video of what happened next.
While we were waiting, a very intoxicated young woman came up and ordered a hot dog.  By “intoxicated” I mean she was walking with her eyes closed.  And by “walking” I mean she was propelling herself through space by some means unknown to me.  Anyway, she ordered the hot dog, came around the corner and immediately stuck her head in the side window and shouted, “Hey! Where’s my food?  You have an order for Jenny!  I’m Jenny!  JENNY NEEDS A BURGER!”
They handed her the hot dog she ordered and she moved over to the condiment station, falling into Rebecca who caught her and pushed her back up. Jenny then proceeded to put some of every condiment they had on her hot dog: ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayonnaise.  We left her to her meal, wishing her a good evening and went back to our room.
Since our four-hour 170-mile trip home on Sunday things have been pretty quiet.  We’re going to the beach again on Saturday with a friend but not on the Cape.  We have closer beaches that are much easier to get to.
I heard it wasn’t supposed to break 100 until midnight at home.  I’m so sorry.  I worry about Texas all the time now.  You need a good hurricane to bring rain.  Not a bad one though, just wet.
I must go get my peach cobbler out of the oven now.  I’ve found that New Jersey peaches are just fine.  Not the best, but they work.
Here are some photos to tide you over.

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