getting settled in

Well, we finally got most of the boxes unpacked and as of yesterday we have cable! I forgot how satisfying channel surfing can be after a hard day’s work.
Speaking of work, I start my new job tomorrow as soon as we are done applying for our marriage license at the town hall. I can’t believe we’ll be married in five days!
So here’s what’s been going on.
We had a friend come down from NH for a sleepover on Thursday. Friday was spent unpacking and running errands. Saturday the hot cable guy came over and hooked us up then another friend took us swimming at the Medford Boat Club. It sounds way more fancy than it is but it was awesome. Saturday evening yet another friend picked us up for a drink downtown at a cool place on Newberry Street. Today we went for a ride with the local bike shop, ran more errands, then home for dinner and laundry.
That’s the play by play. Here are my observations.

1. I love the people here. They are super nice and helpful, and eager to tell us about cool places to go and things to do, and everywhere we go people really want to have a conversation. For example, the guy who came to hook up our cable was finished sooner than he thought so he just hung out and talked about the economy and what his his favorite ethnic restaurants were. Finally, because I never really introduced myself, he said “By the way, I’m Jason. I just know you as ‘the girlfriend.'”
Hello Jason, I am Robyn and you are hot.

2. Driving is an art. And by “art” I mean it’s an exercise in trust in your fellow man and faith in God. There are no designated lanes in the towns. You sort of just drive wherever and try not to hit someone or be in the way. The latter is the key. You can do whatever you want with your car but do not, under any circumstances, get in the way of someone else trying to do whatever they want with their car. This will result in honking, which brings me to my next point. These people know how, when, and why to use their horns and it’s usually not out of anger. They honk when you are in the way, they honk to alert you of their presence, they honk when the light changes…and so on.
3. Avocados are $3.00 a piece at Whole Foods.
4. The weather is so perfect that I can’t help being a little worried. Is this God’s way of saying “Welcome to Massachusetts, in January you will die”?
5. I am getting married in five days and we don’t have a license, a photographer, or dinner reservations. Aren’t lesbians awesome?
6. I continue to miss my friends and family and can’t wait for them to see this amazing place. (That would be a link to some new photos.)

One response to “getting settled in”

  1. etg says :

    Hooray for your blogging and for boxes being unpacked and for swims and hot cable guys and marriage licenses and new jobs and friendly people and cool new homes and safe travels and happiness in bike riding and new places to explore…and boo for you not being in Austin when I return. That “boo” looks very wimpy compared to the long list of “hoorays” that could have kept going. But it would have been as long as your blog which would have been like me having a P.S. to an email that's longer than the email itself! Which I've done…as you know…but I won't this time! (See, aren't you going to miss me?!) Wish I had time to drop in on my way back from NYC…good luck tomorrow – with everything!


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