I thought we were leaving our home on the surface of the sun for a new and better world only to discover a new and horrible irony. The heat index is 116. The actual temperature reaches 116 frequently in Las Vegas but they live in the fucking desert. The desert is bearable because the humidity isn’t over 60%. This is complete and utter bullshit.

We went to Alexandria, VA to hang out by the water while we waited to meet the family for dinner. Rebecca’s mom was there for a conference (I know, right?) so we decided to meet her and David, Tory, Katie, Mando, Chris, Adam, and Kasey for dinner.

While walking around Old Town we became so drenched with our own sweat that Rebecca had to make an emergency stop at Ann Taylor to buy a new shirt. Seriously, we have an entire selection of emergency clothes.
As this was a duck-into-the-nearest-bar kind of day we decided to duck into the restaurant we planned to eat at later to check it out. While we were there two older gentlemen sat down next to us at the bar and ordered two glasses of vodka on the rocks. While you might be thinking this is super hardcore like I was, imagine our surprise when we found them in the same spot two hours later drinking red wine. You go guys!

Afterward it was back to D.C. to watch the rest of stage 18 of the Tour de France and have a nightcap with the Carliners.


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