Searching For Signs

There is some crazy signage between Texas and Massachusetts. They range from the cleverly misspelled ads and misused quotation marks to God, guns, and girls. “Come get some” doesn’t even begin to cover it. We’ve been collecting photos of some of our favorites for a few years and I’ll share them with you in this post but first let me rant about my least favorite. Between Austin and Ft. Worth there is a flea market type situation called Antiquibles! Let’s break this down.

First of all, Antiquible is a made up word. Fine. But if you’re going to make up a word, shouldn’t it be spelled correctly? I mean, if you want to take the word antique and make it an adjective, just put able at the end and let it go.
Secondly, the word antique does a fine job as an adjective on its own so leave it alone.

There are some pretty good ones in north Texas and Arkansas but Tennessee and Virginia are where the real money is. Between Memphis and Knoxville one can find the following at every single exit, all right next to each other:
1. Gas station
2. Adult novelty superstore
3. A “spa” (in case the adult novelty superstore was out of the inflatable object of your desire.)

The rest is a smattering of advertisements about ammo, Cracker Barrel, and Jesus Christ.

Check out our photos and let me know what you think.


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