We left D.C. and embarked on an eight hour drive to Dedham, MA where our friends the Gows were gracious enough to lend us their home while they were on vacation.
We stopped at the Whole Foods there for some take out, went back and watched stage 20 before taking off the next morning for our new home in Arlington, Ma.
We made it! We arrived at our new home at 8:30am to meet with our new landlord and the movers.
This place is fantastic although we have way more boxes that will fit in any reasonably sized home.
We really need to pare down which is our first project after we get settled.
There is an Italian deli about 100 yards from the house so I walked over and got lunch for us and the movers. Here’s the remarkable thing. After they finished unloading and we had lunch we booked a hotel for them and drove them to it. Rebecca is now going to wake up at 3:30 am to pick them up and drive them to the airport!

Stay tuned for the next report from your favorite new blogger…


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