And So It Begins…


We left Austin at around 11:00am, our appetites sated by a final meal at P-Terry’s. It felt like just another trip up to Ft. Worth to see my parents only this time I made us stop at Majestic Liquor to pick up some souvenirs as I wasn’t sure if we could get Dripping Springs vodka or Paula’s Texas anything where we were going.

Walking into the Majestic Liquor off Beech St. in Ft. Worth is like walking onto a movie set. It’s a small building with bars on the doors and windows, and the inside reeks of 50 year old cigarette smoke and bleach.
When we went to check out the woman commented on our local selections saying that it’s good that we were keeping our tax money in Texas where it belongs.
I told her we were on our way out of town and she asked if we were leaving Ft. Worth. When I said no, we were actually leaving Texas she said, “Oh honey, I’m so sorry.”

We had a great time with my mom and a farewell to Tex-Mex as we know it but I’m sorry my dad wasn’t there to see us off.


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